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More Than Just Bookkeeping

What is More Than Just Bookkeeping?

This is our Business Accounting service where we help you get the most out of your Accounting Software. We work with you, on your preferred accounting software, to help fill in the gaps for the accounting things you don’t want to do, or don’t have time to do and provide you with regular, easy to understand Management Financial Reports so you can understand the health of your Business.

This means different things for different businesses, depending on your needs. We have listed three examples of what this might look like for you but the options are endless.

Case Study A

Your business is an engineering manufacturer set up in a Pty Limited company structure, you have two employees, yourself and another part-time worker. Your preferred software is Quickbooks which you use to issue quotes and invoices to your customers and send purchase orders and remittance advice to your suppliers. You have bankfeeds set up but can't get it to balance to the actual bank balance, your supplier tax invoices are overflowing the draw, you don't have the time to fix your bank reconciliation, file your invoices or to do the weekly pay run and STP reporting and at the end of the year your accountant charges you a fortune to fix up the issues.

 You team up with Chequer Accounting. You continue to handle issuing quotes and invoices to customers and sending purchase orders and remittance advice to your main suppliers. We handle the reconciliations, weekly pay runs, STP reporting, filing the hardcopy supplier tax invoices, preparing the Business Activity Statements and prepare monthly Management Financial Reports for you. 

Now you have time to get back to the parts of the business you enjoy, you know what financial position the business is in and save money on your year end tax compliance fees.

Case Study B

Your business professional consulting firm that operates through a unit trust. The unit holders are the four employees of the business. Bob oversees issuing the invoices to clients and doing the fortnightly pay runs and STP reporting through Xero. Expenses are kept to the basics: rent, power, insurance, internet etc.

The unit holders decide that they want an independent third party to assist with the regular accounting so decide to team up with Chequer Accounting. We complete the reconciliations, check remittance advices received from clients (sent through electronically), check the supplier tax invoices (sent through electronically), prepare the Business Activity Statements and complete the necessary adjustments to prepare truly Accrual based Quarterly Management Financial Reports and calculate the quarterly trust distributions.

 The unit holders value the integrity and independence of the Quarterly Management Financial Reports, appreciate being able to receive regular trust distributions and enjoy being able to log into Xero and see the up-to-date financial information of the business whenever they please. 

Case Study C

You're a farmer operating as a sole trader. The extent of your computer knowledge is being able to find this website that your wife sent through to you, in fact you still pay most things by cheque. You are always late on your Business Activity Statements because you don't have the time to organise your tax invoices, find your bank statements and get them into town to the Accountants. Every quarter you dread getting a large accounting bill and a larger tax bill. You struggle to understand your financial position, manage all your loan repayments and don't understand why you have a tax bill or why nothing matches the cash in the bank.

You team up with Chequer Accounting, we set you up with an accounting software that we managed, it doesn't need all the fancy features so it costs just a few dollars per month. We enable bank feeds in the accounting file, saving you money on the bank statement being retyped every month. We come to you once a month to quickly pop in and collect your shoebox of documents.

At the end of the quarter, you get your Business Activity Statement along with easy-to-read Management Financial Reports that summarises your profits, assets and liabilities so you understand your financial position. You save time not having to run around organising and dropping off documents, there's nothing to post so no waiting at the post office and we do all the computer work for you. And your Business Activity Statements are now lodged on time!

What does More Than Just Bookkeeping Cost?


Includes up to 30 mins a week accounting support to keep your Accounting software up-to-date.

$300 plus GST per Month.


Includes up to 60 mins a week accounting support to keep your Accounting software up-to-date.

$570 plus GST per Month.


Includes up to 120 mins a week accounting support to keep your Accounting software up-to-date.

$1,080 plus GST per Month.

What is Included?

More Than Just Bookkeeping is designed to keep your Accounting Software up-to-date. It includes things like the following:

  • Reconciliation of your Accounting Software
  • Processing of your Payroll on a regular intervals (including lodgement of STP data to the ATO)
  • Preparation and Lodgement of your Business Activity Statements (IAS & BAS’s) monthly or quarterly as necessary
  • Preparation of regular (Monthly or Quarterly) Management Financial Reports from your Accounting Software.


What is Not Included?

More Than Just Bookkeeping is not an all inclusive accounting fee that covers all aspects of your Accounting needs during the year. The following things are not included:

  • Preparation and Lodgement of your Tax Return.
  • Tax Planning Advice.
  • Capital Gain Calculations.
  • Management Accounting Consulting.
  • Corporate Secretary/ASIC services.
  • Trustee Distribution Resolutions (applicable to Discretionary Trusts).
  • Auditing – this is not an auditing service.

Extra Fees

There are some services that complement the More than just Bookkeeping service which not everyone needs, so we have separated these services out as optional extras so you only pay for what you need. They include the following:

  • The cost of your Accounting Software. If we pay for your Accounting Software we will charge you the cost we pay for the software. This will vary depending on the software and the features required.
  • Document management. We can organise your hardcopy supporting documents. We either quickly pick these up at a scheduled time (Lockyer Valley and Toowoomba only) or you can post them to us. We will sort them into date order and keep them at our office until your year end tax compliance is complete then we will return them to you for safekeeping. This service is charged at the following rates:
      1. $110/month (including GST) for up to 50 documents per month
      2. $165/month (including GST) for 51 to 100 documents per month.
      3. $220/month (including GST) for 101 to 150 documents per month.

Supported Accounting Software

We believe you should be able to use the software of your choice. We are experts in using Xero, MYOB and Intuit Quickbooks and happily support these software platforms. If you use a different software platform but would like to use our services, please get in touch.

What are the Benefits?

Our More Than Just Bookkeeping service provides a range of benefits to businesses and business owners, such as:

  • Provides you with regular feedback on how the business is going financially in a timely manner. Instead of receiving Financial Statements on the previous financial year after the fact, you will receive regular (monthly or quarterly) Management Financial Reports as soon as the previous period has been reconciled.
  • Free’s up your time. Tasks that might take you 3 hours to do or a Bookkeeper 2 hours to do probably only take our qualified and experienced staff 1 hour to do. This gives you back time to focus on things you enjoy.
  • Cost effectiveness! It may sound silly someone saying to you that paying them monthly for an additional service will save you money but hear me out. You are probably paying your current Accountant a fortune to fix all these little things at the end of the year anyway.

Cost of Year-End Compliance Work

At Chequer Accounting we believe in honesty and transparency. If you use our More Than Just Bookkeeping service, there will be less for us to do when completing your year end tax compliance simply because of the more hands on approach taken during the year. We charge $220/hour (including GST) to complete year end tax compliance work so if it takes us less time to complete your year end tax compliance, we charge you less.

We estimate that the fees for your year end tax compliance will be roughly $660 to $2,200 (including GST), depending on your business structure and additional needs.

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