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Individual Tax Returns

Here at Chequer Accounting, our professional staff are happy to help you get the most from your tax return. Your tax return will be prepared by a Registered Tax Agent, so you know you are getting the right advice, the first time.

Deductions Review

Rental Properties

Capital Gain Calculations

We believe in transparency and integrity so are happy to outline our general pricing for individual tax returns and give you a run down of the process so you know what to expect before getting in touch.

Tax Season 2022

Exciting News, we will be at Shop 9, Gatton Plaza (114 Spencer Street) this July and August 2022 to help assist you with your Accounting and Taxation needs this Tax Season.

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Standard Pricing

Standard Individual Returns start at $110. This includes:

  • Salary and Wages Income;
  • Review of deductions available, including ones available to your specific industry. We require all receipts to be supplied (or a max of $300 without, with bank statements to support and a written declaration per ATO requirements); 
  • Prefilling all available investment income and other information from ATO; and
  • Includes tax returns completed via Phone & Email correspondence only, during business hours. Supporting documents are accepted via post too ($22 postage fee will be incurred).

The Extras

Sometimes you need more then just the basics. The following services will incur additional fees:

  • Motor Vehicle Deduction with Logbook will incur an additional $55 fee.
  • Home Office Occupancy Deduction (“Actual Cost Method”) will incur an additional $55 fee.
  • Excess “Shoebox” style deductions will result in an additional charge of $55/per 15min block required.
  • Investment income (other than what is available from the ATO Prefill) will result in an additional charge of $55/per 15 min block required.
  • Rental Properties will incur an additional $55 to $110 fee per property.
  • Capital Gain Calculations will be charged at $55/per 15 min block required.
  • Multiple Revisions will result in an additional $55 fee per instance information is supplied after the tax return is drafted that results in the tax return to be revised (this includes before and after lodged with ATO).
  • We can schedule a time After Hours to complete your tax return over the Phone and by Email for an additional fee of $55.
  • We can schedule a time to come see you at home (within 20 mins of Gatton CBD) for an additional fee of $110.
  • Postage and Paper fee $22 (if postage is required)

The Terms and Conditions

We offer a $10 discount for upfront payment. Otherwise, strict 14 day payment terms apply for services rendered. We do not have a trust account so do not offer a fee from refund service.

 It is our policy that all supporting documents (such as Tax Invoices) are provided for all deduction claimed and all Income (other than those available via the ATO Prefill).

Pricing does not include Sole Traders. However, we’re happy to help you with your Small Business Needs. Please see our Small Business page for more information.

Disclaimer: Our general pricing for individual tax returns is based on the typical time it takes to complete the above list of common tasks, charged at $220/hour. Your individual circumstances may require additional assistance and therefore may incur additional fees, where possible we will try inform you beforehand.

The Process

Unsure the process of getting your tax return done by an Accountant? We have briefly outlined our processes below so you know what to expect before getting started.

Step 1. Get to Know You

We need to know about you! Even if you are a current client, it is very important we get the details right. For new clients we need your full name, date of birth, gender and TFN. And for new and existing clients we need your current email, residential and postal address, phone number, spouses details (including full name, date of birth, gender, period of relationship for year and summary of income details), number of dependent children and bank account details which the ATO can use for refunds.

Step 2. The Engagement Letter

Once we know a bit about you, we need to complete an engagement letter. This is an agreement between us and you that sets out the terms of service, things like what we are responsible for, what you are responsible for, our pricing and your consent for us to act as your Tax Agent with the ATO. We have a standard letter we will draft up and email to you via Hellosign for signature.

Step 3. Your Income

Next we need to know about your income, usually this happens two ways: from the ATO Prefill and/or from you.

  1. Have you provided your TFN to all your sources of income? Including (but not limited to) Employers, Banks, Share Register (for dividends) and Managed Funds? If so, this information is usually available on your ATO Prefill from late July. We strongly recommend providing a list of your income sources, even if you aren’t sure of the amounts, so that we can check that they have come through on the ATO Prefill. (If you know the amounts please include them too, computers are great but sometimes things go astray so we are alway happy to double check the ATO’s numbers against yours).
  2. If you have not provided your TFN to all of your income sources, we will need information about who, what, why, how much and when you were paid. Helpful hints: Most banks let you print off an Annual Interest Summary from Internet banking, duplicate dividend statements can easily be printed online if you have your details and SRNs, Managed Trusts usually send out their Annual Tax Statements in September/October and your Real Estate Agent should have your Annual Statement to you early July.
Step 4. Your Deductions

The next step is an important one, we need to know about your deductions! You will need to collate all your tax invoices and supporting documentation together and send it through (either via email, post or we can send you a secure link to upload them to). If you are unsure what deductions you can claim, we are happy to schedule a quick call, or have an impromptu one, to discuss your individual circumstances or have an email conversation with you about it. Below is a brief summary of the most common deductions:

  • Motor Vehicle Deduction. Either Cents per Kilometre Method or Log Book Method.
  • Home Office Expenses. Either Fixed Rate Method or Actual Cost Method.
  • Clothing and Laundry Expenses. For Occupation Specific, Protective, Compulsory and Non Compulsory (if registered with AUS Industry).
  • Self Education Expenses
  • Travel Expenses
  • Telephone and Internet Expenses (to the extent they relate to income producing activities)
  • Union fees
  • Professional Body Membership fees
  • Personal Super Contributions
  • Tax Agent fees
  • Donations to registered charities
  • Income Protection Insurance

If you have a Rental Property, we need the details of your expenses. Things like Interest, Council and Water Rates, Insurance, Body Corporate Fees, Repairs and Maintenance, Property Agent fees and Advertising for Tenants.

Helpful Hint: If you use the ATO app to track your deductions you can send the information to us by using the “Share via Email” function.

Q: Why do I need to supply all the information and not just a summary? A: Here at Chequer Accounting we take our requirement to satisfy ourselves of the deductibility of your expenses seriously, for this reason it is our policy to obtain a copy of all supporting documentation and quickly check them. If you have lost your supporting documentation it may be possible to claim up to $300 total in deductions with the support of your bank statements.

Step 5. Capital Gains

Don’t forget any Capital Gains from things like sale of CryptoCurrency, Shares or Property. We need the Sale information and the Purchase information, if you aren’t sure what to supply, please get in touch.

Step 6. Other Information

Let us know about any other information relevant to your tax return that you haven’t already or that isn’t available on your Prefill. These may include offsets, spouse income details, number of dependent children etc.

Step 7. Completing Tax Return

Once we have all your information and signed engagement letter we can prepare your tax return. We will send you your completed tax return for signature by email via Hellosign. If you would prefer a printed copy or a copy sent via normal email please let us know. Our aim is to get your completed tax return back to you within a week of receiving all the information, quicker if possible.

Step 8. Review & Sign

Once you receive the completed tax return, you need to review it and check everything is correct, then securely sign through Hellosign. Please save a copy for your records.

Step 9. Lodging

Once we receive your signed tax return back, we will lodge it with the ATO. It usually takes 14 days for the ATO to process tax returns but sometimes it can take up to 28 days. The ATO will issue you a Notice Of Assessment either to your Mygov account if you have one or to your postal address. This will have the details of any refunds made or the payment details for any amounts payable with the due date.

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